What is appetite and it can help you weight loss journey

appetite and it can help you weight loss journey

Many dieters make the mistake of turning to pills when dieting in order to control their appetites. Diet pills can prove to be dangerous depending upon their ingredients, and in many cases. The diet pill really does very little. Instead of using diet pills to control your appetite. It is far better if individuals using diet plans use more positive appetite control methods. Below are some diet tips and self-control tips that focus on healthy alternatives for controlling your appetite without the use of diet pills.

How does appetite work?

To better know how to curb your appetite, you should also understand the way it works within your body. You know that the food you consume or eat is principally stored in your stomach. For hours before it finally moves toward the small intestine. As soon as it is moved to the small intestine (duodenum). Your stomach begins to become “empty” or devoid of food. The lack of food in your stomach causes its walls to shrink rhythmically and periodically. A phenomenon is commonly known as “hunger pangs”. This “emptiness” automatically sends signals to the “appetite” center located in your brain. Which, in turn, creates the desire to eat or a wish to eat food.

How to curb your appetite?

It is crystal clear from the above discussion that “appetite” itself is not a bad thing. And in fact is a healthy, normal physiological process. That is essential for us and also for all livings beings of our class. However, it is only when this appetite becomes “abnormal or uncontrolled”. That the things start going wrong. In the majority of such cases, it is just a “psychological” desire to eat more and more. That causes people to gain weight on a consistent basis. Weight loss & fitness experts and nutritionists have recommended. The following ways to control or curb your desire to eat more.

Change Your Meal Times

When working toward a slim body and successful fat loss. It is better to eat several small, well-portioned meals throughout the day. Then it is to cut out all snacks and to eat three large meals. It can prove difficult to curb hunger and cravings if a dieter is only eating three times a day. For those wondering how to lose weight successfully. It is recommended that meals be broken down into three meals. And three snacks so that it breaks up the time between meals, and satisfies cravings.

Consume More Water

It is necessary for the dieter to drink lots of water. Since water is needed every day the dieter gets dual benefits from increased water consumption. While gaining the benefit of being properly hydrated. The dieter also gets metabolic rate increases from consuming water. And hunger and cravings are curbed considerably. The dieter should also make sure. That he or she takes multi-vitamins each day as adequate vitamin intake also minimizes issues with hunger and cravings. Interesting but true, water acts as an excellent. Natural “zero” calorie appetite suppressant and the best part is that it comes for free. Drinking a glass of water about thirty minutes before having a major meal. Would tend to decrease your appetite at least by 20% to 30% as most of the time. It is our “thirst” for water that we often confuse with “hunger” for food.

Consume Appetite Controlling Foods

Diet plans that include lots of high fiber foods often prove successful. Because such diet plans supply the dieter with hunger curbing foods. Apples are a high fiber food that takes a bit of time to consume and is sweet. And therefore allows the dieter to overcome his or her hunger and food cravings. Another great appetite curbing food is oatmeal which has a beneficial dual effect of cholesterol control. All foods containing fiber such as whole wheat. Fresh fruits (apples, oranges) and green leafy vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, carrots) are rich in dietary fiber. This fiber is very low in calories and makes your stomach feel fuller for a prolonged period of time. As a result, you are naturally inclined to eat less. And consume fewer calories that result in gradual weight reduction.

If Your Still Hungry, Find Something to Do

Many dieters struggling to lose fat think they are hungry when they are really bored. Boredom is one of the main reasons why people begin snacking unnecessarily. Something I’ve been repeatedly guilty of! It is therefore recommended that the dieter find healthy things to do. Until the hunger or craving has time to pass. Reading, writing, walking. And doing one of your favorite hobbies can serve as a remedy for boredom-induced cravings.

Exercise just before you eat

Ideally, you should never engage yourself in any vigorous physical activity. just after having any kind of meal, be it a dinner, lunch or breakfast. It is not only a bad practice but also increases the risk of heart attack for you. Therefore, try to perform an exercise (such as walking, swimming or jogging or any physical workout). Just before having your breakfast or dinner. You will notice that it can dramatically reduce your appetite throughout the day.


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